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Here at CA Plant, we can also offer loose bulk or single bulk bag deliveries of both bark and mulch. Our ornamental bark is produced using a mix of conifer and spruce bark. It is used to reduce water loss, suppress weeds and protect against extreme temperatures for many years, making it ideal to use in flower beds. Its design makes your garden maintenance and up-keep simpler, minimising the amount of time you will need to spend weeding.

Alongside ornamental bark, we can also provide playback. Our play bark is ideal for producing a safe surface for children to play on. It’s red and brown and will provide a safe free draining surface all year round. Our play bark is free from all pathogens, pests and weeds making it an ideal solution for your playground requirements.

Our woodchip mulch is made up of whole chipped timber and brush, whilst also including a small percentage of bark, alongside hard and softwood. Whilst this is not normally used as a decorative bark, it can provide the perfect low budget solution for those looking to surface a natural-looking footpath.

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